Our House


Our house updating is pretty much like one big run-on sentence. As such, you’ll find that many rooms will have “Phase 1” plans/projects as well as different (and usually more expensive and time intensive) “Phase 2” ideas swirling around in our brains. But here's where we started and where we're at current day. Expect the current photos to be updated as soon as changes happen.

Front of house {First day}

Front of house {Current day}

Garage {First day}

Garage {Current day}

Foyer {First day}
Foyer {Current day}
Dining Room {First Day}

Dining Room {Current day}

Office {First day}

Office {Current day}

Family Room {Inspection day} ...couldn't find any from the first day...oops!

Family Room {Current day}

Sunroom {Inspection Day / First day}

Sunroom {Current day}

Kitchen {First day}

Kitchen {Current day}

Half Bath {Inspection day}

Half Bath {Current day}

Laundry/Mud Room {First day}

Laundry/Mud Room {Current day}

Master Bedroom {First day}

Master Bedroom {Current day}

Master Bath {First day}

Master Bath {Current day}

Master Closet {First day}

Master Closet {Current day}

Upstairs Hallway {First day}

Upstairs Hallway {Current day}

Sebastian’s Room {First day}

Sebastian’s Room {Current day}

Holden’s Room {First day}

Holden’s Room {Current day}

Guest Bedroom {First day}

Guest Bedroom {Current day}

Boys’ Bathroom {Inspection day}  ...couldn't find any from the first day...oops!

Boys’ Bathroom {Current day}
Basement Rec Room {First day}

Basement Rec Room {Current day}

Basement Bathroom {First day}

Basement Bathroom {Current day}

Backyard {First day}

Backyard {Current day}


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